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Friday, July 12, 2019

ThredUp Round 2

This online shopping experience with ThredUp may not be as exciting as the last post but I still got a great deal. Remember, I do not spend cash when shopping with ThredUp, only trade credit.

With this purchase, I received a choose used shirt pin. I knew when I made the order that I became eligible for one of these pins. I never expected to get one. I figured ThredUp would be out of them by the time my order was packaged.

This time I got an A-line skirt from the Banana Republic. This purchase was on final sale as well and I just might wear it to work tomorrow.

I will definitely keep sending clothes to ThredUp.

This post is in no way a sponsored post and is completely my own opinion.

How do you thrift shop? Have you tried ThredUp? Has anyone found a men's version of ThredUp? (I'm still looking...)

If you are wanting to try ThredUp and are wanting a referral code:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

ThredUp Round 1 of Purchases

One way I purge my closet (and other people's closets) is by sending stuff to I always choose the trade credit options that way I can get clothes that fit and brands that I typically can't afford or wouldn't buy. It is thrift shopping without the clutter and the sorting through the racks. 

This attempt was a purchase of three items and of course I used Honey to get a coupon code. These items were final purchase so I can't send them back, which can be a downfall. What really wins me over with purchasing these items is how much, in the end, I am saving and knowing I'm preventing items from going into the landfill.

I tried on the Limited skirt, I couldn't get it to fit. I am trying to find the top I was thinking about wearing with the gray skirt before I try it on. The belt, however, I haven't tried yet either but I definitely needed another belt. My trusty blue cotton belt is showing wear and tear badly. 

I am definitely still sending clothes to ThredUp and I have more purchases to share with you all.

Have you tried ThredUp? Do you use other sources? Let me know (especially if you know of a great men's version of ThredUp).

This post is my own opinion. This is no way a sponsored post. 

If you are wanting to try ThredUp and want a referral code:

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Cinco de Rhino at the Cincinnati Zoo

Even though we are both grown adults, sometimes our childlike tendencies need to come out. As part of our Cincinnati trip, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. It may even be more fun as an adult! Ironically, we went on May 5th, which is Cinco de Mayo. The zoo was celebrating with Cinco de Rhino Day!!!! (Yes, this excited me way too much.)

I would definitely recommend the Cincinnati Zoo. It has to be the best zoo that I have been to. (Also the cheapest I have been to.) There are more animals to see, more to do, and better organized. The paths are easy to navigate and surprisingly we did not get in any long lines. Some exhibits are on the inside and some are outside. (Which is great for families, especially on a warm day.)

The closest thing I could find to Zoboomafoo, a family of Coquerel's Sifaka.

My husband made fun of me all day because I was such a big kid. I wanted to see Zoboomafoo (from the PBS show of the same name, a.k.a a lemur, may also be showing my age…). Sadly, the lemurs were not visible/available when we went but I did see something similar, so I was satisfied. The bears were having a lazy day. The rhinos, though, may have been my favorite this zoo trip. The zoo had the rhino exhibit all decked out for Cinco de Mayo. There were sombreros, maracas, and other things you would expect for Cinco de Mayo. (Partying with the rhinos on Cinco de Mayo sounds better than the alternative anyway.)

Cinco de Rhino

We will definitely go back to the Cincinnati Zoo. As a side note, next time I will ensure to have a change of clothes in the car and I won’t wear anything new to me. ( Had a button pop off and break in half on my shorts when we were close to the end of the zoo. This prompted an impromptu Walmart trip. After inspecting the button that was split and the other buttons on the shorts, I discovered that it was a very cheap replacement, not the original button.) This was so fun despite the incident.

Have you been to the Cincinnati Zoo? Is there somewhere similar that you would recommend doing? I love hearing from readers!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019


During our May Cincinnati trip, we went to several restaurants. One in particular that we went to was Wahlburgers. We went before the Reds game. We decided that we wanted to go here since it was within walking distance and because we wanted to see if it was worth the hype. 

We got seated quickly, which we enjoyed. They were decently packed. Both of us ordered burgers and fries. One piece of advice I would give is to definitely read the menu carefully. Wahlburgers charges extra for fries, which is in small print on the menu. (Husband didn’t notice until we were about to leave our table.) They also rushed us on ordering our drinks but they were about to get a rush. 

We enjoyed the atmosphere and the ambiance, but it is similar to any other bar restaurant. It is was just a one-time thing for us. Their decor of movie posters and Wahlburgers playing on the television were cool though.

The only picture I took was of the napkin...I should probably remember to take food pictures.

Are there any restaurants that you prefer when in Cincinnati? Are there any reviews you would like to see? Have you been to Cincinnati or a Wahlburgers location? I would love to find more travel ideas!

Friday, February 22, 2019

In This Moment and Halestorm Concert

On May 4, 2018, my husband and I traveled north to Cincinnati to go to an awesome metal/ rock concert. The lineup included In This Moment, Halestorm, New Year’s Day and Stitched Up Heart. This was such a great show! Words alone cannot describe it. It was full of women empowerment and energy!
Stitched Up Heart

New Years Day

All of the bands had female lead singers. Even though there were men in the bands, the women stole the show. For example, in Halestorm, Lzzy Hale has her brother to be the drummer. Many of the songs sang by the bands also expressed power, strength, and empowerment. These songs were anthems!

The crowd was so into it as well. We were all singing along and feeling the music. There was dancing. It was a lot to take in as well.

It was not just the music. There was plenty of theatrics and it was more like an experience. Especially when it comes to Maria Brink and In This Moment. There were lights, dancers, and plenty of movement. She is definitely the metal Lady Gaga. The costumes she has are always stunning as well. Hard to believe she is in her 40s.
In This Moment

Maria Brink

Maria Brink and In This Moment

All of the bands were great. It was definitely a worthwhile experience. We listen to all of the bands now. It is crazy to think that we only went for Halestorm and In This Moment.

We loved seeing the show and will definitely go back to another concert with these bands. We will definitely go back to the PNC Pavillion as well.
Shoutout to @thisbedofroses (Nick of Stitched Up Heart) for liking one of my Instagram posts during the concert.


Lzzy Hale covering Adele's Someone Like You

Arejay Hale during his solo

The Hale siblings

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This blog post is my creation and is my unsolicited opinion.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hotel Review in Blue Ash, Ohio

This article is my own opinion and is not a sponsored post.

The Blu Hotel in Blue Ash, Ohio was a welcome surprise after a day of traveling. We had found a great deal on it because it was considered their off-season. We stayed here for two nights and we will definitely stay here again if we are in the Cincinnati area.

We were unsure of what to think as they were spraying before the summer rush. We met one of the pest control specialists as he was spraying our room when we arrived. He ensured us it was clean and for prevention. They typically tried to spray monthly we were told.

The room was nice, clean, and welcoming. The view out the window wasn’t that great, but we were not staying there for the view. We wanted a great, quality room without the noise of the city and that was definitely what we got. The Blu Hotel is a Choice boutique hotel and we can’t say enough great things about it!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I will let them do the talking.

The breakfast was great as well. There were plenty of options. It was more than the typical continental breakfast. Many items were made from scratch, kept warm, and changed out frequently. Their breakfast drink options were plentiful too. (I stuck with the flavored water and almond milk choices.) I definitely left both mornings with my belly full, that is for sure.

If you want to check out the hotel yourself, go to:

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Touchdown to the Spring Game

On April 21, 2018 we went to the Orange and White game at Neyland Stadium. We have went to it for the last few years. It is an awesome experience and it is free!

We rode a free shuttle bus to get to the game on campus. It was packed full and we planned on riding it back but it was so disorganized that we just walked back. It was still a fun walk as we got to explore the campus.We had to take some pictures with a fountain, stop to look at some flowers, and went to the UT apparel store to cool off since we had our nephew with us. It was some much needed exercise! (I have been out of college for 2.5 years but I am not as fit as I was when I was a student.)

The pregame events are just as fun as the game itself. You can meet Smokey, hear live music, meet some of the athletes, and watch the parade that goes down the streets of the campus of the University of Tennessee.

Not the final score. One of the teams made another touchdown last minute.

We really liked the fact that the Stadium was closed until almost time for the game to start. Coach Pruitt wanted to meet the families of the players, get some warm-ups and practice in before the game. He is focused on the family elements and the player’s grades than whether or not they will win. Without the support of families, the players would not be where they are today.

This year, the game itself was done by the regular rules. (There were some weird scoring regulations last year.) I could actually keep up with the game this year! (when we weren’t looking for the mascot Smokey) We sat higher up this year but we got a great view. The place was packed (but not to capacity). The crowd was a major part of the experience.

If this game is any sign of the next season, I cannot wait!

Have you ever attended a football game? How about a spring game? What are you looking forward to?