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Thursday, December 19, 2019

ThredUp Round 5

This post is of my personal opinion and is not sponsored by ThredUp in any way.

I was beyond excited to get this ThredUp purchase. This haul includes 4 items in total. This purchase had several items that I could see myself wearing again and again. Most of these items were perfect for me, for once. I may have finally got this sizing thing down.

The first item was a Medium Cynthia Rowley TJX Sweater Dress. It fit me perfectly! It was the perfect length and a great fit. It is a dress that I plan on wearing around Christmas this year. I can also wear it to work since it works within our color scheme. It is a superb addition to my wardrobe for days that I don’t want to put much effort into but look like I did.

Cynthia Rowley TJX Women Casual Dress Size M                    Cynthia Rowley TJX Women Casual Dress Size M

The next item is a Large Rampage Sleeveless Lace Dress. My intention with this dress was to wear it year-round. Wear it as is in the summer, add a light cardigan over it in the spring, and wear a long sleeve tee under it in the fall, and a sweater over it in the winter. However, this dress didn’t fit. From the way it fits in the chest and shoulders, it must be Juniors sizing. The chest was too tight. This dress has been posted for sale on Poshmark already, listed as a Juniors large.

Rampage Women Casual Dress Size L              Rampage Women Casual Dress Size L

One item I am saving for spring is the size 12 En Focus Lace Dress. It has a thin lining. It is also a spring-y color. It was roomy in the chest and knee-length. I could easily wear it to work as well as any Easter functions I may need to attend. It would also come in handy in the humid summer months as well. It is that light.

En Focus Studio Women Casual Dress Size 12                En Focus Studio Women Casual Dress Size 12

The one item that I haven’t been able to stop wearing is these Ann Taylor Factory Dress Pants. I have been wearing them to work a lot. I can wear them dressed down like khakis or dressed up with a nice blazer. I have gotten several compliments on them as well. They are so soft and don’t bug me by the end of my shift. They don’t ride down either. (How many times a week can I get by with wearing these?) Definitely a well worth it purchase.

Ann Taylor Factory Women Khakis Size 10           Ann Taylor Factory Women Khakis Size 10

In the end, I wound up paying less than fifty cents an item plus shipping and taxes on these items. There happened to be a $10 off purchase coupon floating around at this time that helped make these items so low. Ironically, these purchases were not final clearance. I did use trade credit to make this purchase as always. I expect that even if I have to lower the price on the Rampage dress, it will essentially cover the entire cost of this order.

What brands do you swear by? What is that one item you can’t seem to quit wearing?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

ThredUp Round 4

I am back at it again with my ThredUp hauls. This order is rather small but was still worthwhile. I ordered this back in October, but it has just now gotten cold enough outside to try on these items and see how I have done. 

In this order were three final sale items. These items cannot be returned and are at the lowest price that ThredUp will sell them for. This isn’t a big deal to me as I can always resell them elsewhere.

The first item was a Talbots Blazer size 10P. This blazer fits me decently as long as I wanted it open. It had a funny button closure. When I closed it across me, the blazer would gap below the shoulder to above the closure. I have it posted on Poshmark already.

The next item was a 1901 brand short sleeve top size MP. I bought it to wear under blazers and sweaters and such. It wound up being too short for my torso but I loved the way it felt and the way the sleeves were. This has been posted to Poshmark as well.

The last item in this purchase was a New With Tags pair of No Boundaries winter leggings with skulls on them. I knew these would fit as I wear a lot of their leggings but I had never found a winter pair in my size and price range in my store. I wound up getting these cheaper than I would in-store at Walmart before my ThredUp coupon codes.

As always, I used my trade credit to complete my purchase. I happened upon a $10 off code that only made me use trade credit on the shipping and sales tax. That is never a bad deal in my book.

Is there a new shopping experience you would like to hear about? I am always open to new ideas, even in the non-thrifting world!


The Local Thrift Store Adventure

The following post is of my own writing and opinion. It was not sponsored in any way.

A local thrift store in my town is known for helping others in the area by using the proceeds from the store as well as giving away some of the items inside the store as well. On one of my days off from my regular job, I happened to notice on Facebook that they were having a special on their fill a bag sales on their clothes. This already had my attention. Plus, as a bonus, if you ate at the restaurant next door, you could receive a free bag of clothes as well. Perfect date day for me!

The restaurant was a great mom and pop diner that my husband loves. We turned into a date lunch. He has frequented it several times without me. We plan on eating there again soon. After I received the receipt, we went over to the thrift store.

My husband and I went over to the thrift store. My idea and his idea of shopping are different so he was done in 10 minutes. To me, this shopping excursion was more fun than an amusement park. I started just draping every item I was interested in across my arm. I eventually had to find a cart. Trust me, I scoured the entire fill a bag section.

Somehow, the entire cart full (with the hangers still attached until check out) fits into 3 plastic shopping bags. The entire cost spent (including taxes) equaled out to $4.24. All of these items were intended to increase my colder weather work-friendly wardrobe. Of course, some items didn’t fit so I will resale those through ThredUp and Poshmark.

Worthington Women Dress Pants Size 10
The items kept include:
  • 2 long sleeve dress shirts
  • 1 pair of dress pants
  • 1 pair of khaki capris
  • 2 blazers
  • 1 short sleeve polo
  • 1 sweater

The items sent to ThredUp include:

  • 1 cardigan
  • 1 pair of dress pants
  • 1 long sleeve dress shirt
  • 1 pair of khakis
  • 1 blazer

The items I posted on Poshmark include:
  • 2 pairs of dress pants
  • 3 blazers
  • 2 pairs of khakis

In the end, it was a fun experience and I will be shopping there again soon. For the amount I paid, any items I sell will be pure profit. If I bought on a regular day, the amount I spent this trip would probably pay for half of my kept items.

At the time of this writing, none of the items posted on Poshmark have sold. The khakis have received a couple of likes and lower offers have been sent.

When it comes to ThredUp the dress pants have been posted by them for sale. The rest of the items are in transit to one of the ThredUp locations for processing.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

ThredUp Round 3

The fun and exciting world of thrifting has come again! With this round of ThredUp purchases, I intended to wear them all, but these clothes had other plans. 

In this order, I ordered 3 shirts and 2 pairs of khaki capris. Out of all of these items, I am keeping one for myself and reselling the rest since I bought them as no returns at the final sale. Just like previously, as well, I strictly used trade credit to purchase these items. 

The first item that I ordered was a One World Green Tie-Dye short sleeve top. I was most excited about this. It was too tight near the shoulders for my liking. I expected it to be looser and more like a tunic on me. I have already posted this for resale.


The next item was a pair of khaki capris from Talbots. I knew this brand when thrifted usually fits me well and can stand the test of time compared to some other brands. Nothing too fancy but expected that it would be a great summer basic. They didn’t fit me either. These are already posted for resale as well.


I bought another pair of Talbot capris as another basic. Once getting them I discovered that they had little dragonflies all over them! I was excited to try them on. As they were the same size as the other pair previously mentioned, they didn’t fit either. They are posted for resale as well.


For my day job, I ordered a Nautica short sleeve polo. Once I received it, it wound up being either a girls' size or a severely shrunken women's size top.  I have yet to post it for resale as I am unsure of the size and the best outlet to resale it.


Last but not least, is the item that I am keeping for myself. I am keeping an Alfred Dunner ¾ sleeve striped top with butterfly detail. It fit me perfectly. This is starting to become my favorite brand. 

What brands do you love to shop for? Where do you love to thrift? What would you love to read next?

By the way, all of these items that I am putting up for resale are up on Poshmark. If you are on there, let me know! Follow me as @tabtakeson. I am just starting out and there are other goodies on there as well. I am also still sending clothes to ThredUp as well.

This post is entirely my opinion and is not sponsored in any way.

Friday, July 12, 2019

ThredUp Round 2

This online shopping experience with ThredUp may not be as exciting as the last post but I still got a great deal. Remember, I do not spend cash when shopping with ThredUp, only trade credit.

With this purchase, I received a choose used shirt pin. I knew when I made the order that I became eligible for one of these pins. I never expected to get one. I figured ThredUp would be out of them by the time my order was packaged.

This time I got an A-line skirt from the Banana Republic. This purchase was on final sale as well and I just might wear it to work tomorrow.

I will definitely keep sending clothes to ThredUp.

This post is in no way a sponsored post and is completely my own opinion.

How do you thrift shop? Have you tried ThredUp? Has anyone found a men's version of ThredUp? (I'm still looking...)

If you are wanting to try ThredUp and are wanting a referral code:

Saturday, July 6, 2019

ThredUp Round 1 of Purchases

One way I purge my closet (and other people's closets) is by sending stuff to I always choose the trade credit options that way I can get clothes that fit and brands that I typically can't afford or wouldn't buy. It is thrift shopping without the clutter and the sorting through the racks. 

This attempt was a purchase of three items and of course I used Honey to get a coupon code. These items were final purchase so I can't send them back, which can be a downfall. What really wins me over with purchasing these items is how much, in the end, I am saving and knowing I'm preventing items from going into the landfill.

I tried on the Limited skirt, I couldn't get it to fit. I am trying to find the top I was thinking about wearing with the gray skirt before I try it on. The belt, however, I haven't tried yet either but I definitely needed another belt. My trusty blue cotton belt is showing wear and tear badly. 

I am definitely still sending clothes to ThredUp and I have more purchases to share with you all.

Have you tried ThredUp? Do you use other sources? Let me know (especially if you know of a great men's version of ThredUp).

This post is my own opinion. This is no way a sponsored post. 

If you are wanting to try ThredUp and want a referral code:

Monday, March 11, 2019

A Cincinnati Reds Game

One of the last things we did while in Cincinnati was go to a Cincinnati Reds game. Anyone that knows me, knows that baseball is typically just not my thing. It still isn’t unless there is a lot going on.

It all started waiting to get into the stadium. There are plenty of places to walk around and/or take pictures. Everyone was excited. It is easy to make friends in the crowd. You can also shop at the gift shop beforehand as well. (Thankfully I got my shirt at Walmart for cheaper. Did you read my zoo post? Explains most of it.)

As we got in, they were giving away a freebie. That day it was a bobble-head. It was really cool. We both got one. We gave one of them to my brother, who loves playing baseball. (I didn’t get to celebrate his birthday with him because we were in Cincinnati. He forgave me, of course.)

We had ordered our tickets online for a higher-up seat. It started raining and holding an umbrella without smacking my husband in the back of the head is something I apparently can’t do. On their app, once you get there, there are ways to upgrade your seat for much cheaper. We decided to do this. We were now able to be under shelter and still see the game. Even if it isn’t raining if you want to get a more expensive seat but don’t want to pay the price, wait until you get there. In all seriousness, there is not a bad seat in the stadium.

Thankfully, we had done our research beforehand. The stadium food options are EXPENSIVE! Definitely eat before/after you go. If you do need to get something, like a drink, don’t hesitate to shop around. The app also helps with this as well. There are often specialized deals on food and drinks. There was a specialized carted area when we went that was having $2 specials.

Even if you know nothing about baseball there is plenty of things going on to make it a worthwhile experience. If you don’t know any of the players, you will figure out a few by the end of the game.