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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Touchdown to the Spring Game

On April 21, 2018 we went to the Orange and White game at Neyland Stadium. We have went to it for the last few years. It is an awesome experience and it is free!

We rode a free shuttle bus to get to the game on campus. It was packed full and we planned on riding it back but it was so disorganized that we just walked back. It was still a fun walk as we got to explore the campus.We had to take some pictures with a fountain, stop to look at some flowers, and went to the UT apparel store to cool off since we had our nephew with us. It was some much needed exercise! (I have been out of college for 2.5 years but I am not as fit as I was when I was a student.)

The pregame events are just as fun as the game itself. You can meet Smokey, hear live music, meet some of the athletes, and watch the parade that goes down the streets of the campus of the University of Tennessee.

Not the final score. One of the teams made another touchdown last minute.

We really liked the fact that the Stadium was closed until almost time for the game to start. Coach Pruitt wanted to meet the families of the players, get some warm-ups and practice in before the game. He is focused on the family elements and the player’s grades than whether or not they will win. Without the support of families, the players would not be where they are today.

This year, the game itself was done by the regular rules. (There were some weird scoring regulations last year.) I could actually keep up with the game this year! (when we weren’t looking for the mascot Smokey) We sat higher up this year but we got a great view. The place was packed (but not to capacity). The crowd was a major part of the experience.

If this game is any sign of the next season, I cannot wait!

Have you ever attended a football game? How about a spring game? What are you looking forward to?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

(This post is of my own personal opinions and experiences.)

Last weekend (4/8/2018) we went to a college baseball game.

It was the Tennessee Volunteers versus the Florida Gators. It was supposed to be a seven-inning game (due to a double header) but it lasted eleven innings. Florida may have won the game (6-4) but Volunteer Pride was sure to be in the stands.

Tennessee Football Coach Jeremy Pruitt (in white) after throwing first pitch.

Baseball has never been my forte, but it was a fun and exciting experience. Each player had their own theme song that played when they came out, the crowd was loud and clear, there was fun activities going on in between innings (my husband won a t-shirt that I am now the proud owner of by default),we got to see Smokey (which our nephews loved) and it was a great family friendly event (smoke and alcohol free).

It was supposed to be a Kid’s Day where they could get signatures by the players, meet the teams, and run the bases but this was unfortunately cancelled due to the Double Header games.

While we went as a big family group, I have several recommendations for families that may be considering similar functions.
  1. Take older children 6 and up and use your best judgement on the ages. The youngest nephew,4, got tired and cranky about the 8th inning.
  2. Call ahead and try to find out if Kid’s Days are still happening day of game. That way children (and big kids, ahem accompanying adults) aren’t disappointed.
  3. Go early but not too early. We arrived about an hour before game time. We could have been thirty minutes early and still get the seats we got.
  4. Try to get a big meal before you go. The prices of concessions are majorly overpriced. We found a large bucket of popcorn for $6 more reasonable than a soft pretzel for $5.

We got the General Admission tickets for about $5 a piece for the adults after taxes and fees. Children under 12 got in free since it was supposed to be a Kid’s Day. We got great seats and were still near the bathrooms in case the kids needed to go. I am sure there are other college teams with similar deals. I have went to other baseball games, Minor and Little League, and this was a much better experience, even if we all got windburned faces, especially me.

What are your spring/summer plans? What other events would you like to see reviewed?

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Taco Tuesday

One of our favorite date nights is Taco Tuesday. For us, it is super cheap.

Most of our local Mexican restaurants have specials for the hard or soft tacos on Tuesdays and you have a choice between chicken or beef. Depending on the restaurant, the tacos can be priced at 99 cents or a dollar a piece.

We usually get two or three a piece. My husband usually gets a sweet tea and I’ll get water with lemon (post to come about the benefits of lemon water).We also fill up on the chips and salsa that is free that comes out while you wait on the food. After tax and tip, we can leave with only spending around $10. Not bad at all.

What cheap dates do you all do? Do your Mexican restaurants have deals like this? I would love to hear from you!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Thrifting Up Some Bargains

Recently, I went to a local thrift store….twice. They were having great sales for “March Madness”. The first day that I went, they were having a .50 cent per shopping bag sale for all of their unsorted items. The second day that I went, their focus was for their clothes on the racks. You could fill a shopping bag for $1.50. Of course, I stocked up.

Here are my finds:
  • 6 jeans
  • 8 dress pants, including khakis and cords
  • 4 shorts
  • 2 dresses
  • 3 skirts
  • 5 shirts, including one for my husband to wear on Easter
All of this was purchased for around $5.Most were name brands. Have I mentioned that I love to thrift?

So far, out of the things I have washed and tried on, two pairs of jeans didn’t fit. It isn’t me, it is just the brands, I keep telling myself, as brands are no longer true to size. I will probably resell what doesn’t fit.

What brands do you swear by? What are your favorite things to thrift?

Monday, March 19, 2018

Decluttering: Selling on Facebook

I have been slowly decluttering items that I have collected but would like to try to get some money out of now, as a side gig. I have been trying to declutter in several different ways but today,  I will just focus on one way.

I have been attempting to sell items on Facebook through groups and through the Marketplace. I have sold a few odds and ends here and there but I recently sold an item of my own creation!

I sold a throw pillow to a local lady last weekend.

This was the throw pillow that sold.

My husband and I met her at a local store parking lot after agreeing on a time and date to meet. We also exchanged car descriptions and I “Facebook-creeped” to see what she looked like as well.

In my personal opinion, Facebook Marketplace can be a hit or a miss. Different items sell better than others. It may also depend on where you live. I will keep it up as an option for selling things as it is free to post items so it never can hurt to at least try.

What ways have you decluttered or sold things before? I would love to hear ideas!

Friday, December 29, 2017

No New Year's Resolutions

This year, I will not be making any New Year's’ resolutions. Why? I have never been able to successfully accomplish them. At most, they last a couple of months and then they are forgotten. Am I the only one? I doubt it.But why haven’t mine worked?

Most New Year’s resolutions I set for myself I lose the motivation for after a while. Sure, that work out seemed like fun but three months in, it is more same old same old. I lose interest as if it was just a fad or it has become too mundane or boring to do. Even better, I decide to take on too much at once. I decide I’ll go through everything in order to organize, trash, or get rid of what is necessary. I make myself try to do it as soon as possible and become overwhelmed. I may just have too much “stuff”. (Currently working on this so more details to come maybe.)Other times, life has just got in the way. I will catch myself missing it on one day, then that day turns into a week, months, and the dreaded year. It is the never ending cycle.

So while New Year's’ resolutions don’t work for me, they may work for some people. I will still set goals that can be accomplished, with stride marks attached. I will strive harder to meet my short term and long term goals. I will work on myself and focus on my friends and family. No more worrying about the tossed aside and forgotten New Year’s resolution.

Are you setting New Year’s resolutions? Ever had any work? Have any goals? Let’s talk about it so we can hold each other accountable.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Accepting Myself and Being Body Positive

In a few recent weeks, I had been noticing that many of my fall and winter clothes that fit last year were tight or didn’t fit at all. I was uncomfortable with the knowledge of my “new” size and that a good portion of my wardrobe was being put in the “get rid of bin”. (Also known as the clothes you try to consign or the  give away pile) I was being hard on myself because my bra size has changed, my hips and thighs are bigger, and I had began to wish my stomach was smaller. Then I read an interesting fact that changed my mindset.
I can’t remember how it was exactly phrased or where I even read it on the internet, but it said that according to today’s sizes and fit, Marilyn Monroe would wear an 8 in most brands. It got my attention because it’s the size that most of the clothes I am currently able to wear are (that don’t have an elastic waistband attached, that is). She has been deemed one of the most beautiful women to be a star in Hollywood. She was supposed to have the ideal hourglass figure and was labelled as a bombshell! So I took to the internet for more research and to become more body positive.
I bing-ed “sizes of famous women in today’s sizing” knowing it would list Marilyn Monroe as well as others that would be my new size and to see if the fact I read was true. I found plenty of information and began to feel better about myself and accept the “new” me.
The sizing scale that we are subjected to these days is different than the one that was being used in the 1930s-1950s. Today’s sizing can start at 00, 0, or 2 in most brands whereas it used to start at sizes 8,10, or 12. So with this knowledge, it is harder to say that Marilyn Monroe was “plus-size”.  With the measurements found online, she would mostly be an 8 or 10 in most sizes of clothing.  That would make her around the same size as me or a little bigger! So, I should probably be a little nicer to myself. For more reasons than that but the wheels started clicking at this point.
While the average American woman has been said to be a size 14, recent studies are saying the new average woman is actually a size 16.The average woman has also gained 2.5 inches on her waist. This means we are embracing more curves, showing ourselves more love, and stating that despite the models we see in various forms of media, bigger can be better! Many people, including celebrities, are accepting themselves. Amy Schumer took to haters on Twitter with “I am a size 6 and have no plans in changing. This is it. Stay on or get off. Kisses!” Melissa McCarthy created her own clothing brand Seven7 to cover more sizes of women. After her own struggles with her weight, Khloe Kardashian, who is a size 6-8, started her show Revenge Body to help others. No more body shaming, we are becoming body positive!
I am just starting my journey in accepting myself as I am now, but I want to see myself in a new light. I want to figure out how to accent what I like about myself. I may see that I have more of a tummy than I would like and stress over it more than I should, but if I learn to camouflage it, maybe it will be the last thing on my mind. If I see the clothes and the stores as the problem, the numbers and sizes on the tag shouldn’t matter. I will strive to learn what brands and styles work for me and shop accordingly. (Until then, you might be seeing me in a lot of sweats.)Here’s to the journey for the rest of 2017, 2018, and beyond!
(If you are reading this, feel free to share your struggles, encouragement, and any suggestions you may have. I would love to make this a platform to open up conversations.)