Saturday, April 28, 2018

Touchdown to the Spring Game

On April 21, 2018 we went to the Orange and White game at Neyland Stadium. We have went to it for the last few years. It is an awesome experience and it is free!

We rode a free shuttle bus to get to the game on campus. It was packed full and we planned on riding it back but it was so disorganized that we just walked back. It was still a fun walk as we got to explore the campus.We had to take some pictures with a fountain, stop to look at some flowers, and went to the UT apparel store to cool off since we had our nephew with us. It was some much needed exercise! (I have been out of college for 2.5 years but I am not as fit as I was when I was a student.)

The pregame events are just as fun as the game itself. You can meet Smokey, hear live music, meet some of the athletes, and watch the parade that goes down the streets of the campus of the University of Tennessee.

Not the final score. One of the teams made another touchdown last minute.

We really liked the fact that the Stadium was closed until almost time for the game to start. Coach Pruitt wanted to meet the families of the players, get some warm-ups and practice in before the game. He is focused on the family elements and the player’s grades than whether or not they will win. Without the support of families, the players would not be where they are today.

This year, the game itself was done by the regular rules. (There were some weird scoring regulations last year.) I could actually keep up with the game this year! (when we weren’t looking for the mascot Smokey) We sat higher up this year but we got a great view. The place was packed (but not to capacity). The crowd was a major part of the experience.

If this game is any sign of the next season, I cannot wait!

Have you ever attended a football game? How about a spring game? What are you looking forward to?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

(This post is of my own personal opinions and experiences.)

Last weekend (4/8/2018) we went to a college baseball game.

It was the Tennessee Volunteers versus the Florida Gators. It was supposed to be a seven-inning game (due to a double header) but it lasted eleven innings. Florida may have won the game (6-4) but Volunteer Pride was sure to be in the stands.

Tennessee Football Coach Jeremy Pruitt (in white) after throwing first pitch.

Baseball has never been my forte, but it was a fun and exciting experience. Each player had their own theme song that played when they came out, the crowd was loud and clear, there was fun activities going on in between innings (my husband won a t-shirt that I am now the proud owner of by default),we got to see Smokey (which our nephews loved) and it was a great family friendly event (smoke and alcohol free).

It was supposed to be a Kid’s Day where they could get signatures by the players, meet the teams, and run the bases but this was unfortunately cancelled due to the Double Header games.

While we went as a big family group, I have several recommendations for families that may be considering similar functions.
  1. Take older children 6 and up and use your best judgement on the ages. The youngest nephew,4, got tired and cranky about the 8th inning.
  2. Call ahead and try to find out if Kid’s Days are still happening day of game. That way children (and big kids, ahem accompanying adults) aren’t disappointed.
  3. Go early but not too early. We arrived about an hour before game time. We could have been thirty minutes early and still get the seats we got.
  4. Try to get a big meal before you go. The prices of concessions are majorly overpriced. We found a large bucket of popcorn for $6 more reasonable than a soft pretzel for $5.

We got the General Admission tickets for about $5 a piece for the adults after taxes and fees. Children under 12 got in free since it was supposed to be a Kid’s Day. We got great seats and were still near the bathrooms in case the kids needed to go. I am sure there are other college teams with similar deals. I have went to other baseball games, Minor and Little League, and this was a much better experience, even if we all got windburned faces, especially me.

What are your spring/summer plans? What other events would you like to see reviewed?

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Taco Tuesday

One of our favorite date nights is Taco Tuesday. For us, it is super cheap.

Most of our local Mexican restaurants have specials for the hard or soft tacos on Tuesdays and you have a choice between chicken or beef. Depending on the restaurant, the tacos can be priced at 99 cents or a dollar a piece.

We usually get two or three a piece. My husband usually gets a sweet tea and I’ll get water with lemon (post to come about the benefits of lemon water).We also fill up on the chips and salsa that is free that comes out while you wait on the food. After tax and tip, we can leave with only spending around $10. Not bad at all.

What cheap dates do you all do? Do your Mexican restaurants have deals like this? I would love to hear from you!