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Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Needed ThredUp Haul

 I had finally racked up some good trade credit on ThredUp and it was time to find new to me bottoms and my purse strap was on its last thread, literally. I have lost a significant amount of weight and have been refusing to go shopping. I am constantly having to tug at my pants to keep them up. I am happy to say that this was a perfectly successful haul.

The first item that I want to mention is my new purse! It was unbranded. I looked everywhere. It did not have any tags on it. I looked thoroughly for any hints of wear and could not find any! It was the perfect size for me as well. I was also surprised at the little things on the bottom of it to keep it off the floor. My husband was thrilled about this purchase because it meant he did not have to take me shopping for a new purse. He stated that he was about to take me shopping because my other purse looked that rough.

For work, I found a pair of Nicole by Nicole Miller dress pants. (In my state, I am considered an essential employee so I don’t know anything about Stay at Home orders.) I was worried about these as I have had no idea what size I truly wear. Thankfully these fit perfectly. These were in great condition as well. I will wear these until I either wear them out or they get too big as there is a good chance that I am still losing weight.


Last but not least, I purchased a New With Tags Hard Rock Cafe onesie. I thought it was too cute to not pick up. It is a size 12 months. It says on the tags it is for boys but it could easily be unisex. Words do not do it justice. I already posted it to Poshmark and will probably post it to EBay too for last-minute Christmas gifts.


As always, I used trade credit and a coupon code to get a better deal. The coupon code I used was from my ThredUp Rewards. These items were also on the final sale. My carbon footprint went up, however, because this haul was sent in 2 packages (the purse was in a big box) but they both arrived the same day.


How have you been shopping? What are you on the lookout for? What is your Christmas shopping looking like?

Stitch Fix For The First Time

This post is my own opinion but does include a referral link. 

 Back in March, before COVID took over our lives, I received my first Stitch Fix box. This was a new thing to me but I had watched several unboxings and try-ons on YouTube so I was aware of prices, the products or brands, and such. I had also found a sign-up referral code that would make it discounted or free for me to try for the first time. I also did many style shuffles and quizzes to ensure that I would get items that were more likely to be “more me” and enjoy trying on.

My Stitch Fix came rather quick and I extended my return date several times since my schedule was more hectic at the time. My Stitch Fix box came from Georgia. I am not sure if they all are from there or not.

I asked for items that could be considered work-appropriate and could be versatile. At the time, my work had a more strict dress code that relaxed more after COVID hit. I was to wear only collared shirts or blazers and only specific colors. This explains the note from my stylist, Colleen.


The first item in my Stitch Fix box was a Shirleah Jesse Cross-body Bag. This purse was super soft to the touch and the lining was a nice surprise for a pop of color. At the time, I was not in the need of a purse. Plus, the purse I was using at the time (that has just now been retired after 2+ years) was still in a workable condition and was also a cross-body. It was not what I was looking for. I added Shirleah to my search list on ThredUp after looking at this purse, however.


The next item was a pair of Olive Dictionary Eva Straight Leg Pants. I was not a fan of the fit of these. It did me no favors. If I remember right, it was weirdly loose in the back of the legs. The pants also cropped odd on me. They were not the pants for me. 


I also received a Black Skies are Blue Berenice Scallop Hem Skirt. This item was nice. I liked the elastic waist and scallop hem. This was an easy pull-on skirt. It did not flatter me the best in the waist. I loved the scallop hem but could not justify the cost just for the hem when I have plenty of black knee-length skirts.


The black top, Lush Warren Split-Neck Blouse, I was very excited to receive. I wanted to try it on when I first got it because it looked like something I would pick up on a shopping trip. However, I could not even get it over my head to try it on. It has to be a very slim fit or something. I was disappointed.


The last item I received in my Stitch Fix box was a French Grey Alanna 3Q Sleeve Milkmaid Knit Dress. I kept this one! It was so soft. The length on me was just right. I love elbow sleeves. It could be dressed up or down. I had planned on wearing it on a trip that COVID canceled. Now, I may wear it on a warm winter day or wear it this upcoming spring.


Stitch Fix is great for people even if they are not the “most stylish” or “most fashion-savvy”. The boxes are curated to ideally be several outfits when you mix and match. Which is great if you are in a wardrobe overhaul. I discovered some great brands that I now look for. I plan to try this again after things go back to “normal”. I may try this again sooner after the holidays since I have had some weight loss.

Want to try it out for yourself? Here is a $25 referral link.

With this link, when you use it, you’ll receive a $25 credit and I will too!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

ThredUp Round 5

This post is of my personal opinion and is not sponsored by ThredUp in any way.

I was beyond excited to get this ThredUp purchase. This haul includes 4 items in total. This purchase had several items that I could see myself wearing again and again. Most of these items were perfect for me, for once. I may have finally got this sizing thing down.

The first item was a Medium Cynthia Rowley TJX Sweater Dress. It fit me perfectly! It was the perfect length and a great fit. It is a dress that I plan on wearing around Christmas this year. I can also wear it to work since it works within our color scheme. It is a superb addition to my wardrobe for days that I don’t want to put much effort into but look like I did.

Cynthia Rowley TJX Women Casual Dress Size M                    Cynthia Rowley TJX Women Casual Dress Size M

The next item is a Large Rampage Sleeveless Lace Dress. My intention with this dress was to wear it year-round. Wear it as is in the summer, add a light cardigan over it in the spring, and wear a long sleeve tee under it in the fall, and a sweater over it in the winter. However, this dress didn’t fit. From the way it fits in the chest and shoulders, it must be Juniors sizing. The chest was too tight. This dress has been posted for sale on Poshmark already, listed as a Juniors large.

Rampage Women Casual Dress Size L              Rampage Women Casual Dress Size L

One item I am saving for spring is the size 12 En Focus Lace Dress. It has a thin lining. It is also a spring-y color. It was roomy in the chest and knee-length. I could easily wear it to work as well as any Easter functions I may need to attend. It would also come in handy in the humid summer months as well. It is that light.

En Focus Studio Women Casual Dress Size 12                En Focus Studio Women Casual Dress Size 12

The one item that I haven’t been able to stop wearing is these Ann Taylor Factory Dress Pants. I have been wearing them to work a lot. I can wear them dressed down like khakis or dressed up with a nice blazer. I have gotten several compliments on them as well. They are so soft and don’t bug me by the end of my shift. They don’t ride down either. (How many times a week can I get by with wearing these?) Definitely a well worth it purchase.

Ann Taylor Factory Women Khakis Size 10           Ann Taylor Factory Women Khakis Size 10

In the end, I wound up paying less than fifty cents an item plus shipping and taxes on these items. There happened to be a $10 off purchase coupon floating around at this time that helped make these items so low. Ironically, these purchases were not final clearance. I did use trade credit to make this purchase as always. I expect that even if I have to lower the price on the Rampage dress, it will essentially cover the entire cost of this order.

What brands do you swear by? What is that one item you can’t seem to quit wearing?

Thursday, December 12, 2019

ThredUp Round 4

I am back at it again with my ThredUp hauls. This order is rather small but was still worthwhile. I ordered this back in October, but it has just now gotten cold enough outside to try on these items and see how I have done. 

In this order were three final sale items. These items cannot be returned and are at the lowest price that ThredUp will sell them for. This isn’t a big deal to me as I can always resell them elsewhere.

The first item was a Talbots Blazer size 10P. This blazer fits me decently as long as I wanted it open. It had a funny button closure. When I closed it across me, the blazer would gap below the shoulder to above the closure. I have it posted on Poshmark already.

The next item was a 1901 brand short sleeve top size MP. I bought it to wear under blazers and sweaters and such. It wound up being too short for my torso but I loved the way it felt and the way the sleeves were. This has been posted to Poshmark as well.

The last item in this purchase was a New With Tags pair of No Boundaries winter leggings with skulls on them. I knew these would fit as I wear a lot of their leggings but I had never found a winter pair in my size and price range in my store. I wound up getting these cheaper than I would in-store at Walmart before my ThredUp coupon codes.

As always, I used my trade credit to complete my purchase. I happened upon a $10 off code that only made me use trade credit on the shipping and sales tax. That is never a bad deal in my book.

Is there a new shopping experience you would like to hear about? I am always open to new ideas, even in the non-thrifting world!